Welcome to my audience

It took two exhausting years to make my first ever solo album. But we could also say forty-six. But it is there now, shiny and new, blurry and sharp, welcome to my audience.

Photo by Ben Lambers for Studio Aandacht.

I thought through every single word in the lyrics and placed them carefully to their final places. Some of these songs will make you feel cozy, some probably extremely uncomfortable. Good. I hope it triggers thinking and conversation.

Let’s walk through them one by one, shall we?

If you want to support, you can buy the album here.

Good Morning, Nothingness (featuring The World of Dust)

So we start with the day after. After Christmas? Or the revolution? It’s a good hangover we all know. Sometimes it is good to leave things behind us, and wake up to something new.

This song represents the start of a new era, as well the opening of the record. Stefan’s (aka The World of Dust) cameo in the song is also symbolic in many ways, one of which is my new belonging.

Dancing to Sirens

We’ve left behind a few years of lockdowns and social isolation. This period has made a lot of us a lot more resilient but also number to crises, just like Amsterdammers no longer react to the sound of the air raid sirens, which you can hear every first Monday of the month, exactly at noon.

If You Say So

While leaving things behind, we need to lean on, and give control over to others every now and then. Let others tell you where your heart beats.

Love is Cancelled

We leave relationships behind. And although every break up is different, they all deserve a mention. This song is a sort of best-of mega-mix of all of them and a nod of respect to all my exes, dead or alive.


Teacup closes the first half of the album, summarizing that break-ups are, although rarely a good experience, they are fine to happen, they need to be normalized and accepted.

Your Name in the Night

We are kicking off the second half of the album with my friend Bíborka with a song about re-building and finding ourselves, and, a topic probably even more important for expats like myself, about belonging.


We could never find ourselves without coffee. Bitterfly, which was the first single of the album winks back at the opening “Good Morning, Nothingness”, continues the discourse about waking up, but looking forward rather than back.

Winchester Geese

And during the day, ghosts and demons of old times sometimes re-appear. “Winchester Geese” tells you about this, wrapped in a medieval story from London. We do not forget.

New Skin

We do not forget, but we heal. Claim yourself back from the grip of your traumas. #iykyk


The album is closed by “Congratulations”, which is a duet with Bemti from Brazil about self-appreciation. It’s heavy, I know, but you’re doing fine.

By Kristóf Hajós

The singer of The Unbending Trees - your favourite Hungarian crooner from Amsterdam

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  1. Dear Kristof,
    Thank you for expressing yourself in such a good way!
    As a traveller, I feel that I could bring your songs to be played for hours. Your soundtrack is soothing.

    Liked by 1 person

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