Welcome to my audience

It took two exhausting years to make my first ever solo album. But we could also say forty-six. But it is there now, shiny and new, blurry and sharp, welcome to my audience. I thought through every single word in the lyrics and placed them carefully to their final places. Some of these songs will… Continue reading Welcome to my audience


Time by nature goes ahead. And it can be debated whether it makes sense to celebrate turning points in it mostly created by men or not. However, next year is the 15th anniversary of two very important songs in my life, both recorded with The Unbending Trees, and one of them a duet with the… Continue reading Nostalgia

The World of Dust (live)

The World of Dust (Stefan Breuer’s alterego)’s opening track of his new album, Gaman is about him going through anxiety before having to perform in a place where he knew no one. Little did I know it was going to be the perfect storyline for my evening when I went to see him live in… Continue reading The World of Dust (live)

So Quiet…

Such quiet music that you can hear the sound of the stage creaking under my feet. You can hear the smallest cough. This silence also empowers your other senses, you see the dust in the beam of the spotlight, you can smell the curtains and the mystery of the theatre. This is where I come… Continue reading So Quiet…

Fighters, Expats, Rebels

The sound of the harp recalling old ages, the sound effects of a dystopian future and two of personalities- these are the components staring in each others’ eyes in ‘Fighter’. This song was originally recorded in 2013 for the second album of The Unbending Trees, what more it was planned to be a duet, two… Continue reading Fighters, Expats, Rebels

Nobody Does It Better

Shooting music videos is tough. There is a lot of waiting, and more redoing you could imagine. Sometimes you need to walk in cold water with your clothes on. Sometimes you need to lip-synch at double speed, looking your usual self. Sometimes you are so hot your make-up melts off your face. But sometimes you… Continue reading Nobody Does It Better


I haven’t had too many concerts in the fifteen years I have been playing music professionally, but I definitely played at the most diverse venues. From the mighty Carnegie Hall to dingy London pubs, from the gigantic Budapest Arena to unused, dusty theatre halls, each concert could not have been more different from the other.… Continue reading Live!