Time by nature goes ahead. And it can be debated whether it makes sense to celebrate turning points in it mostly created by men or not.

However, next year is the 15th anniversary of two very important songs in my life, both recorded with The Unbending Trees, and one of them a duet with the wonderful Tracey Thorn.

I have decided to do something I had not done before, to release them on vinyl (for the first time), on my own, project managing the release from start to finish. From funding and licensing to organizing the artwork, from negotiating with the manufacturers to doing the promotion. A small business adventure, it you like.

The records are now being made by the factory and will be available next March. Supply chain issues did not avoid the music industry either. However, nothing stops us to start the preorders! 250 copies will be made, not more. You know you want to… Preorder here!

By Kristóf Hajós

The singer of The Unbending Trees - your favourite Hungarian crooner from Amsterdam

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