Live again! – Amsterdam edition

Its red walls, and wall chandeliers that shine with a yellowish light are captivating. It smells as an old theatre should. I really could not imagine a better place to perform in Amsterdam (and in The Netherlands) for the first time.


Photo: Ben Lambers for Studio Aandacht

I have had my fair share of venues before, from the smallest living rooms through the Carnegie Hall to arenas, but what I learnt is that for my music intimacy is the key. A direct connection between you and me.

De Roode Bioscoop will be my point of entry to the music world of my new home. Mine and of the formation of three amazing talents that make up the band, The Bitterfly Collective.

Sándor Sanyi, who is playing the guitar is, like me, a Hungarian runaway.

Jack Kenney, a recent transplant from England plays the bass, the occasional acoustic guitar and also provides back vocals.

Modar Salama is a Syrian-Dutch percussionist, who bring a magical world to the rhythm section.

Let the elemental force take you on a journey.

By Kristóf Hajós

The singer of The Unbending Trees - your favourite Hungarian crooner from Amsterdam

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