There Are No Mountains (in my soul)

When you move countries, much like with most big changes in life, you first notice all the amazing things you moved for. A kind of honeymoon, if you like. And then slowly, as the new paradise becomes an everyday reality, you start noticing things that are not present anymore from your previous life. Like mountains, if you, like me, move from a place like Hungary to the Low Lands.

However, are the things that are missing an obstacle that prevent you from looking ahead? How much of sticking to the past is healthy, and how detached you should become?

This is what my new song, “There Are No Mountains” is about. The first song that was entirely recorded in The Netherlands, with musicians I met here, and who are now The Bitterfly Collective, my live band.

And if you flip the record, you’ll hear a smooth ballad “Renegade”, which tells you the story of survivors’ guilt. If you know, you know. Enjoy.

Side A, There Are No Mountains (ft The Bitterfly Collective)

(Sándor Szanyi – Kristóf Hajós)

Arranged and played by The Bitterfly Collective:

Sándor Szanyi – guitars

Jack Kenney – bass, back vocals

Modar Salama – percussion

Recorded at the Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2023 by Ayla Versluis and Madi Iezzi Cippolari.

Assistant engineers: Kristina Tasheva, Ben Schomaker

Mixed by Ambrus Tövisházi

Side B, Renegades (ft The World of Dust) 

(Stefan Breuer – Kristóf Hajós)

All instruments played by Stefan Breuer

Back vocals by Jack Kenney &Stefan Breuer

Mixed, recorded and produced by Stefan Breuer in Bilthoven, The Netherlands, 2023.

Artwork by Stefan Breuer & Laurence Stevens

Mastering by Ambrus Tövisházi

By Kristóf Hajós

The singer of The Unbending Trees - your favourite Hungarian crooner from Amsterdam

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