The Nutcracker

New blog post about the time, when, at the age of 18, I spent a year in a monastery.

The Magic Piano

I was not tall enough to reach the pedals on my grandparents’ grand piano. It definitely did not stop me from trying, however. The piano belonged to us for generations, many of my family, mostly the women, played on it. Some of the keys had numbers written on them in red ink with the beautifully… Continue reading The Magic Piano

The Legend of Xanadu

Let me take you to a darker place… where roller-skate discos are still open I have recently covered Xanadu by Electric Light Orchestra and Olivia Newton-John. I have not done many cover versions in my life, this wasn’t supposed to happen either. But a few months ago, being mostly home bound looking after my end-of-life,… Continue reading The Legend of Xanadu