Fighters, Expats, Rebels

The sound of the harp recalling old ages, the sound effects of a dystopian future and two of personalities- these are the components staring in each others’ eyes in ‘Fighter’.

Photo: Bálint Rádóczy (2008), artwork: Péter Jakab (2022)

This song was originally recorded in 2013 for the second album of The Unbending Trees, what more it was planned to be a duet, two men singing to each other about frustration and willingness to fight.

In the last couple of years of The Unbending Trees we used the harp quite a bit, yet this was the only song that we recorded, and I ended up singing both parts myself, almost as if I was fighting with myself, which I (and I guess a lot of you, too) often do.

I have done so, quite recently. Just last week, when I was challenged by a guest on not being more outspoken on Hungarian issues, more specificay on LGBTQ+ issues in Hungary, I struggled describing the conflict I am going through. I have not lived in Hungary for four years now, and no matter how strongly I feel about things happening “back home” (is it “home” at all, anymore?), I often feel I lost the right to chime in.

Similarly, even though I have lived in The Netherlands for four years, I still do not really feel entitled to publicly form an opinion on the happenings here.

Expatism, I guess. A sort of limbo between two places. What does it take to move out of this limbo to either direction? A fighter, I guess.

By Kristóf Hajós

The singer of The Unbending Trees - your favourite Hungarian crooner from Amsterdam

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