Good morning, nothingness!

Listen to music while reading.

So I am back, it’s been a long one. The last time I saw you was in 2015 in New York City. After that concert, I thought I would never want to sing again, and it felt really good to put it to rest.

Why I stopped, I cannot really explain. It was probably more comfortable to write for other performers, and observe how my words work from a safe distance. Then again, writing for others is a completely different genre. Self-expression there mixes with a level of guessing how the performer in question would express themselves. More or less like a role-play, really. It also requires a much greater humbleness than when you are writing for yourself. The ultimate goal is that the singer feels comfortable and can identify with what you write, therefore requests for changes, alterations should all come naturally.

Which is also the case when you are part of a music act with more members. Even as the lead singer, I always found it very important that all the other members can relate to the words that end up on our album, or at least, they have nothing against it.

And now I am a solo artist. It is my name on the record for the first time. It’s both terrifying and fulfilling. Well, I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.

By Kristóf Hajós

The singer of The Unbending Trees - your favourite Hungarian crooner from Amsterdam

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